Organizational Culture Change Video Training

Welcome to the the most comprehensive online training on organizational culture change: learn how to engage people to change their ways of thinking and doing things in the workplace! For only new behaviors that stick will make up a successful change.

This content-packed online video training on organizational culture change doesn’t just tell you what to do… we help you how to do it. Practically, step by step. And: It’s only $ 77…!
You too can engage in successful, sustainable organizational culture change using the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) and its accompanying easy-to-follow change plan.

Nice to meet you! We are Marcel Lamers MSc and Marcella Bremer MScBA, working as consultants in the field of organizational culture change.
We help leaders, HR and change managers, executives and other consultants change organizations to achieve their goals in a way that is engaging, sustainable and very practical. We provide the OCAI tool online next to various online courses, consulting and more. Our motto is to develop the workers, the workplace and the world.

The Challenge of Organizational Culture Change

Do you know the problem with change programs in organizations? 70% fails because they don’t fit into the current culture, there’s change attrition and overload or it’s ordered in a command-and-control top down way and causes resistance. Organizational culture change might be hard to sell to the stakeholders. Leaders and employees don’t always walk their talk during the change. It can take you 5 years and lots of frustration and you still might not achieve the performance you want, the leadership, engagement, strategy, diversity, innovation, retention etc.

We’ve been there. I remember board meetings where top executives agreed on a plan but didn’t implement it… I remember employees nodding Yes but not keeping their agreements. Because they never intended to or because there were hidden advantages to the old behavior, or on the contrary, hidden objections to the new behavior. Or because no-one else was doing it. They really tried but….

The thing is, we can’t change the others. But we have to change personally and collectively to make a real, sustainable change as an organization. Command and control works worse than ever before. We’re entering a new era of global change at high-speed, instant accessibility of information and rewards, the baby-boomers soon retiring and generation Y coming to work, bringing their gadgets, confidence, independent attitudes, connectedness and high education. Need we say more?

We found out that the fastest and most successful way to organizational culture change, is by engaging your co-workers and employees. They have lots of interesting information, insights and ideas to improve culture, leadership, engagement, strategy, diversity, innovation, performance and even fun. They will stick with this change much sooner than in the old-fashioned way (though nothing is ever certain) when they have been able to participate in the change.

Organizational Culture Change in 7 feasible steps

In an easy-to-follow framework of 7 steps you take your (client’s) organization from assessment (15 minutes) to a quantified, visual profile to adding qualitative examples, raising engagement and awareness, assessing the future, understanding the preferred culture to the levels of behavior and outcomes, and finally to a change plan that people take ownership for because they co-created it.

Many HR managers, consultants or CEO’s don’t try this because they fear to fall into the “soft fluffy stuff” of organizational culture change, no matter how many research shows that the behavior and mindset of people in organizations delivers hard results when it comes to organizational performance. They think it takes too much time and money, though having your change program sabotaged afterwards leads to higher cost and even damage. Time spent up front in engaging your people returns your investment in a successful organizational culture change.
This might be the best tip for successful change you ever got – but you won’t know until you go the whole nine yards.

This video training on organizational culture change teaches you exactly how to do that! It is your practical, how-to user’s guide to organizational (culture) change.

This content-packed video training on organizational culture change offers you 18 videos; over 12 hours of practical “how-to” learning including our experiences as consultants

Normally bringing about organizational culture change will cost you: expensive consultancy or extra education, lots of meetings and effort, lengthy interviews, hours of paperwork and so on, but now it is available online for your organization or your client’s. Start right now at your own pace.

If you’re ready for positive change, join this online video training today! It’s only $ 77…!
Organizational Culture Change

Organizational Culture Change videos:

  • 0. Introduction
  • 1. What is organizational culture and why it matters
  • 2. Competing Values Framework and OCAI
  • 3. Comparison of some industry groups
  • 4. Advantages and disadvantages of using OCAI
  • 5. Successful change: Necessary conditions
  • 6. Practical choices in the use of the OCAI
  • 7. Internal communications
  • 8. An OCAI Case: Care Center for Disabled people
  • 9. Practical choices when organizing workshops
  • 10. OCAI Workshop: The start
  • 11. OCAI Workshop: Future and Preferred culture
  • 12. OCAI Workshop: Developing a Change Plan
  • 13. An OCAI Case: Merger
  • 14. Culture types in various expressions
  • 15. OCAI change process: Leadership
  • 16. Different interventions and persistance
  • 17. Positive Leadership: A case with the Abundance Approach
  • 18. Modern desire for Clan & Adhocracy Cultures

After this training on Organizational Culture Change you will be able to:

  • Professionally diagnose current and preferred culture with the OCAI
  • Identify different sub cultures, eventual resistance but also readiness to organizational culture change
  • Use the basics of change management to stimulate sustainable organizational culture change
  • Conduct OCAI workshops to customize the outcome to this specific situation
  • Work with culture from identity & values down to daily behavior and performance so the organizational culture change becomes very specific and tangible
  • Engage people to organizational culture change by participation

If you’re ready for positive organizational culture change, join this online video training today! It’s only $ 77…!

Marcella Bremer MScBA
Marcel Lamers MSc
consultants & founders of OCAI Online